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Social Media Management/Marketing. Facebook.Twitter.Pinterest.Instagram

HUH? I can hear you mumbling it now when starting a Business!

Quality Service

I use the internet and the work I see you do as a way to learn what will work best when it comes to marketing for the company, my primary goal is to get people to engage with you on social media, it is your job to sell them, not mine. The 1 thing I am adamant about is photos, CELL PHONE pictures do not do you justice, I will come take them with my camera if needed and local, if not local then find someone just beginning in Photography and offer them a job! #TruthinMarketing

Stellar Support

I work whenever you need me to, I work with you not for you! If I am on vacation and you need something text me and I will do it that evening before bed or after supper, its your gratitude that helped me go on vacation, Thank You! If it wasn't for God I wouldn't have met you and if it wasn't for God I'd not have the wisdom I do work with you so I do what I can to help you! #TruthinMarketing

Dedicated, Overly

Why Overly Dedicated? Well I thoroughly enjoy helping others, I am loyal to a fault and am definitely too nice sometimes but being self employed and self taught I have to do it, its the way I am programmed (pun intended) I thrive on on making you grow and helping you succeed! I thrive on praise from your customers praising you for work done and I put that on Landing Pages we create for the marketing side! #TruthinMarketing

Recent Research (Potential New Clients)


Garage Doors

Garage Doors are a restricted market in Google, not sure about Social Media, am researching it to find out for a potential new client! #TruthinMarketing


Locksmith's or Lockouts are a restricted market in Google, not sure about Social Media, am researching it to find out for a potential new client! #TruthinMarketing


Restaurant Marketing

Don't you hate it when you see a new restaurant on Facebook but the menu is all screenshots or cell pics of the menu? I have a solution for this.........Message me for more information! I promise you will "see it then" #TruthinMarketing


Wood Staining

Specifically Fence and Deck Staining when old but not worn to replacing the entire fence. This is a precise search by most potentials customers, we are trying to figure out what will work best, probably this will fall under Creative or Digital Marketing as we strive for #TruthinMarketing

Client Praise


My Self

Since I am a start up I will use my page as an example, not bad for never being marketed or sponsored in Social Media, just all from Facebook, imagine if I actually marketed it what would happen, I don't market it because I prefer to work with my customers sites instead of my own!

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Paul M.

I have been having my page managed by Clay for about 2 years now and as said in his we just don't market it much in social media but will be soon, his expertise as a self taught individual is shockingly awesome!

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