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Hey! I am so glad you clicked my link on Facebook, I am here to offer you a first ever from our company, a monthly or yearly website design package!I am Clay Thornton and I have been designing website way back before WordPress, back when you I had to write lines of code (5,000+ just for this page in the early 2000) I am an early adopter to website design and marketing, there wasn’t even Facebook, can you imagine that, no Facebook, No Instagram, No Twitter. We had to advertise by WOM (word of mouth) or decals on our vehicles! Man that was the life, I am serious it was way funner then it was more rewarding too see faces when you created something on a device called WEBTV! Like my page if you have heard of that! The reason I have you here today is for a special offer (after you fill in the form below) I will review it then reply back with a quote for us to begin! Sound like a plan to you?

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