SEM: What is it?

Search Engine Marketing and it goes hand in hand with SEO. You can have one without the other, but why would you? The more marketing you can do with your website, the better results you will get in Google. Content is King is not an old adage, well it is, but it is the truth too. I am so glad that Google is pushing content now. This way if “you borrow” information from another website it is widely known, however everyone who does this type of work thinks the same way. So wording it a different way is still the same, the difference is in how hard the SEO/SEM pro pushes your content!
I work about 2 hours a day on MY site and about 10 hours a day on YOUR site!
Well Google and Yahoo have taken it a step further they are now looking for Local links!

Search Engine Marketing, also known by the acronym SEM, is a set of Internet marketing strategies that are designed to promote a Website’s visibility and Web traffic. SEM includes a score of methods.

SEM is SEO that focuses on the marketing aspect of optimization in order to produce results rather than the backend programming, coding, content and design of a website.